Past Productions


Hooks and Crooks’ premier creation. An immersive transmutation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as parable for climate change, and our relationship with a terrifying future.

This interactive piece of theatre was presented in the intimate Freestanding Room as part of the 2019 Montreal Fringe Festival’s OFF Fringe spectacles and subsequently at Centaur Theatre’s 2020 Wildside Festival

It was collectively created and performed with the following team:


Caite Clark


Ryan Bommarito; Josh Johnston; Espoir Segbeaya; Sophie-Thérèse Stone-Richards

Stage Management and Sound Design:

HeatherEllen Strain

Costume, Set, Lighting, and Projection Design:

Aurora Torok

Macbeth meets Mad Max while performed in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars.

Patron Review, June, 2019
TOMORROW Montréal Fringe, 2019
Josh Johnston; Ryan Bommarito; Espoir Segbeaya
credit: Jeremy Cabrera

This short, impactful work cleverly exploits Macbeth’s themes of duty and ambition, fate and free will and ingeniously engages us with the vital issue of climate change through direct dialogue, movement and music.

Julia Ainsworth, Westmount Mag
TOMORROW Montréal Fringe, 2019
Espoir Segbeaya; Josh Johnston
credit: Jeremy Cabrera

This show is everything theatre should be. Relevant, unique, innovative, powerful, spellbinding.

Patron Review, June 2019
TOMORROW Wildside Festival, 2020
Ryan Bommarito; Sophie-Thérèse Stone-Richards
credit: Jeremy Cabrera

The way to dusty death is cataclysmic climate change in this impressive mash-up of Shakespeare and environmental activism.

Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette

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